About Adam / C.V.

I am an artist living in Brooklyn, New York.


mixed media

digital media




electric and electronic music



Piken’s work has the quality of alchemy, forcing media and composition to reveal properties. It is strange to see a nautical image emerge from his shoebox studio in Bedford Stuyvesant, as it seems to lock into the bedrock beneath his apartment to tell its stories. He has installation work that discovers the spiritual from a spent laptop — it is a used laptop that is put into a model of a Japanese torii shrine. His mind is preoccupied with many things, from Japan, to creating music, to pushing composition to bold edges within a tight space of consideration. – tenten2012



2006 New York University, M.A., Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Dramatic and critical writing, art, design, and performance
1994 SUNY at Purchase College, B.F.A. in Visual Arts
2006 – 2008 Founder and Creative Director, AE3Interactive
2008 (current) Founder and Creative Director, Redstage Networks


Selected shows and installations:

1993  Untitled Gallery Show – Mixed Media. Purchase, NY
1993  Low Frequency Resonant Reconstruction – Performance, electronic and acoustic instruments, found objects
1994  Mixed Media Collages – Mixed Media. Group show, Purchase Senior Projects, Purchase, NY
1999  Video Confessional – Installation
2002  “look for the light” collaborative public art installation, Columbus Circle, New York, NY
1994 – 2004  Various music performances as member of Psycho Horror and  Melange
2002 – 2006  Various documented and undocumented solo performances, New York, NY
2003  Monology – Solo Performance, Bronfman Center, New York, NY
2004 The Tourist” (In Progress) – performance:, Kimmel Center for the Arts, New York, NY
2006  The Tourist: A Rock Opera (excerpts) – performance, Wings Theatre, New York, NY

1994 – Present   commercial projects – A ton of design, creative direction

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