Artist Statement No. 1: Performance, Art, and Technology (2001)

My focus is on performance art / conceptual art and the use of music and mixed media within the pieces. Relevant are the development of recent technologies and the possibilities of integrating those with physical performance; to both meld human and technological elements as well as bringing aspects of emotionality to those technological forms of expression.

I have been creating and producing electronic music for over ten twenty years, and in the past my music has gone in the directions of avant-garde, electronic dance, rock, and ambient.  I have performed music live in venues especially in New York City, both with a group of musicians and alone.  I have also worked in the commercial field of scoring (creating soundtracks) for media productions and presentations.

I have a background in fine arts, where I have assembled interactive installations, several video art pieces, and many mixed media pieces. I have worked extensively in the commercial world of web design.

Through the use of technology I have been able toincorporate the above stated elements of mixed media and performance art, specifically through installations and performance in combination with sound.  I hope to achieve a more seamless integration of these elements.  An example might be a music performance where participants use their bodies to trigger ambient light and sound, or a self-contained interactive installation— a “found” object sculpture that respond to viewers’ proximity and movement.  I plan to further explore specific themes that are important to me with these pieces.

(edit, August 2012)

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