Melange is the electronic music project created by Adam Piken a.k.a. Atom in the late 1990s. Called Melange because of its concept of mixture, the band’s music contains elements of ambient and synthesized music, industrial dance, glitch, IDM, trip-hop, film soundtracks and experimental/noise. But who needs genres?

Here is the entire album “i/O” by Melange for your listening pleasure. It was recorded and released in the year 2000. Written and recorded by me and Alex Malfunction.

You can also listen to i/O at soundcloud.

Contact me for more information or for a FREE COPY of the CD. Seriously, I have a lot of them.

i/O – by Melange – full album
self released 2000
Copyright © 2000 all rights reserved
music and lyrics by Adam Piken a.k.a. Atom
instruments treatments processes voices by Atom
instruments turntables treatments by Malfunction

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